I enthusiastically recommend Jeffrey for any interior design project where patience, courtesy and a winning manner are important. Jeffrey is also a problem solver. Much thought goes into the things Jeffrey does, and he has an unusual ability to notice what others overlook. I could continue with descriptions of Jeffrey’s many other good qualities- his work ethic, his energy, and his creativeness to name three. Instead I would simply like to say how much I think of Jeffrey and how strongly I recommend him for any design project that requires a high level of commitment.

~Jennifer Reynolds, Marketing: Online Engagement


I have had the privilege of collaborating with Jeffrey on several custom remodel jobs from start to installation. He started with great ideas and was not only open to suggestions but willing to make changes. Jeffrey has the grasp of color and a keen eye for space that works for a great designer. At installation, as in most complex remodels, modification was needed and quick decisions were made with satisfying results.

I would jump at the chance to work with Jeffrey again, knowing his professional work while sketching ideas and coordinating construction. Every time the customer has been satisfied.

~John Hobbs, Owner at More Space Place


Jeffrey has a great knowledge of space and beauty. He sees it all around him and knows how to incorporate his client’s style into the space in a very seamless way. His work as a designer is truly spectacular.

~Michelle Froedge, Realtor at Benchmark Realty LLC


Jeffrey has a spectacular sense of color and understands its effect on shaping the feel and flow of a space. Each of his designs creates a remarkable experience of “place”. He is a gifted designer.

~Robin Acker Bush, Senior Designer Nature Photography for Interior Design

Jeffrey’s combined expertise in real estate and the design renovation process makes his services a cut above all the rest. Being able to convert that edge into a way that guides clients towards optimal short & long term investments for their homes makes him invaluable, whether it’s for a primary residence or for numerous properties. I would highly recommend Jeffrey on the basis of his acute sensitivity to translate sophisticated design aesthetic and functionality into any lifestyle requirements seamlessly

~Stephanie Jeffries, Luxury/Couture Online eMall Owner, Luxury Interior Designer, Modern Furniture/Rug Designer, Architectural Photographer

Jeffrey will fill you design needs and personalize your home or office to suit your interest! That is a plus!

~Ronald Bicknese, Partner at Rockhouse Designs  and Owner, Retired

Jeffrey brings a fresh eye to each situation and produces consistent results that reflect not just his talents, but the personalities and lifestyles of his clients – which is the best exhibit of true talent.

~Van Pond, Architect|Principal at Van Pond Architect, PLLC

Jeffrey is a skilled designer with an eye for artistic detail and color. I highly recommend him for his proven Interior Design and Real Estate experience.

~Matthew Eldridge

I would highly recommend Jeffrey for your interior project. He is a very talented and creative person with an excellent feeling for colors and harmony in interior. Besides that he has many specialties. You can say, he is really an all-round professional.

~Irene Pouw, Interior and Fashion Blogger

Jeffrey is a creative and fresh designer with an eye for unique and contemporary interior design. His charming personality coupled with his high level of professionalism and expert knowledge are sure to make him the best choice for your next design project. I recommend Jeffrey all the way! A++++++

~Brady Mills, Owner Brady Mills LLC

I would highly recommend Jeffrey for your interior design project. He is extremely talented and his use of color is fantastic! Jeffrey transformed our home and was a pleasure to work with. I not only consider him our interior designer but also a friend.

~Dora Salinas, Attorney at the law office of Dora L Salinas

If you are looking for creative ideas and a wonderful sense of style an decor, Jeffrey’s skills and expertise in interior design are a match. He is very resoursful. I recommend Jeffrey Johnson

Lionel Barrow, Lionel Barrow Custom Furniture

I don’t know another designer/realtor who is as capable, creative and dedicated as Jeffrey. After several years in corporate as an analyst, Jeffrey parlayed those skills and abilities to his true calling as an interior designer/realtor. He carefully listens to the desires of his clients and then works diligently to exceed their requirements. Jeffrey is adaptable, able to reverse or change directions as the client dictates, and he utilizes strong project management skills to stay ahead of deadlines and budget limits. Jeffrey is flexible, flowing with any changes clients or contractors throw his way. He is such a joy to work with. I can’t speak highly enough of him or his abilities

Ann Fields, Author

Jeffrey is a talented, imaginative designer. He makes it his mission to create livable, attractive interiors that complement the lifestyle of his clients. By maximizing space and color, Jeffrey redefines underutilized areas and adds visual interest to previously lackluster rooms. His interiors are stunning, and they make sense in the real world.

Nancy Baldwin, Communications Consultant and Freelance Writer/Editor